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Perceiving the Autumn, Halloween and/or Samhain now versus then..


I have heard a few videos with this as the topic & to be honest with you what I heard was very much the same thing anyone would expect to hear from a Christian no matter what path they converted from. But the specific conversion from witch to Christian? Now this should be eyebrow lifting to some degree for many people. Different people should beable to take something new from this sort of person regardless if they run with it or not. It will at least stay with them.

However I am simply hearing the same old song and dance that I did in the 90's. Granted there are more and more people whom are awakening out of Witchcraft & Buddhism etc and are able to clearly explain what jumpstarted their conversion and what changed for them however I still have yet to hear a story quite like mine and I'm not saying there aren't any.

I"m saying that many people become too focused on repeated lessons & say the same things again and again because of whatever reasons. Fill in the blanks.

What I'm suggesting is to explain more of the story. More of the lesson but from the point of that it was your lesson & sure it can be others and will be but you aren't in charge of that current. Youre only in charge of sharing your story and what youve learned and how you perceive everything then, now and over the years.

Especially from a Former Witch, satanist, pagan, wiccan, etc. That is the angle imo.

Everyone already knows the dos and donts of HAlloween for a Christian. Everyone can pretty much guess that most people would say to stay out of the whole tradition as a whole no matter if its seemingly harmless, or otherwise.

I'm here to explain to you thoroughly and deeply what this season is truly all about. It's dangers and yes, its perks!

Halloween isn't here to simply not celebrate unless it is healthy for you to not participate then that is your choice but I wouldn't claim that to be your way around Halloween forever.

Yes, Halloween or Samhain as the witches call it is all about tradition, remember tradition, honoring ancestors, those whom were here before, whether you see that as family, spiritual beings, gods or goddesses or so called nature spirits. etc. This is the main purpose for Samhain. It is a mix of energies dead and alive that want to be remembered always no matter what and for different reasons. Its almost like a cauldron of voices that all want to be heard and many of these voices are from both dead and alive outcasts or misunderstood humans, or spirits or deities. Many may be lying straight to your face or others may be honest as Abe but simply want to be heard.

Samhain isn't all about death and darkness however yes it is a time where this current of the unknown is embraced in all ways possible. Whether that means you ignore it, fear it, or gets all up in it as a witch or a otherwise, or you eat candy until your teeth fall out or get drunk and invoke Bachus, or simply youre staying in and youre praying to Jesus asking him to forgive everyone on this dark evening.

I'm here to tell you Jesus nor God is necessarily hating on this day. Maybe at one time it was healthier for us to believe this and maybe it is healthier for certain people to believe this--I do understand that. But God speaks in varying levels to different people according to what they are willing and/or can understand so long as it benefits His plan.

God isn't as filled with hate or the need to destroy in the way that we can be. However he understands this way about us and speaks to this darkness with us alot. Why wouldn't he? Its the very darkness that was destroying everything that was good and true when the Egyptian Gods and others were running things. There were many things that God said, did and asked for that could be and are many times completely misunderstood. But if we take a look at it again we can read between the lines.

Being a Christian isn't always about doing the right thing, it is about trying to figure out what that right thing is. And its about understanding the darkness, difference and division in the world that the Enemy began not God.

JUst because our culture is influenced by this satanic current on this day doesn't mean as much doom and gloom as many may take it to be. There is a balance that needs to be sought. A willingness to see this darkness and be comfortable with it as it is--without taking it on as an identity for your own. Darkness isn't all full of lies. As Jesus himself said that Satan is the God of this world.

If that is true then wouldn't it make sense to get to know that darkness? His current, his tricks, his corruption, how has he served you? In what bad and good ways? This world isn't all bad. God wouldn't stand for this world if that was true. Because for one, Evil isn't stronger than Good. Good is stronger, larger, more powerful and linked with eternal truth. It can never be destroyed. However Evil is always changing its shape, its claim, its mask, its reason, its excuse, its story, in order to what?? Be believed...

Evil is simply incorrect thinking. Sometimes it can seem very painful and sadistic and scary, other times it can simply seem selfish but very mundane. But Evil is a paradox. It isn't strong enough to survive alone. Darkness needs Light in order to be transmuted.

Which brings me to Death---Yes Death is a big current among Halloween and this season. And it should be akcnowledged. Whether youre a christian, pagan or satanist, oure going to die. Thats part of this world. Thats the first promise God made when he warned against the Forbidden Fruit of knowledge that holds good and evil. He told Eve that they would die. And we will but what will die? the decay, the darkest most dense part of ourselves, a layer in order to move onto the next realm either closer to heaven or hell depending on the amount of truth we have accepted into our hearts.

Death doesn't need to be feared in an exaggerated way. Only Death would beg for that. God isn't the one whom hands out the death and destruction however he uses it towards the will of his plans in order to what? Bring about a greater understanding that may not happen in that moment but will eventually.

So How do I see this season now compared to then? In a large sense nothing has changed. I see the same things. I merely see a bigger side to both the light and dark that i've always been interacting with no matter what I named it over the years or believed God and the Enemy to be. Yes it can be dangerous however to believe that the cycles that change and express the seasons of the Earth are above all and beyond anything else but God.

The ultimate God should not change as such but is able to use that current of change for the sake of expression and movement of this world that is indeed ran by the current of the Fallen. Most things in this world are against the nature of God. Even things you haven't learned about yet. But all of these things can be seen all around us.

God didn't only reveal himself in the Bible---because when we die do you think the Bible will come with us to Heaven? No. The bible is a guideline for also remembering the truth and the tradition of Him. Steps and milestones to take for us when we recognize the dark inside of us and are finally ready to begin at the bottom and work our way upwards while seeing everyone else as the same as we are simply seeing a different facet of the same devil, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Build off of what you've learned but do not stay seated in the same words---unless youre learning of new ways of saying them that will too serve Gods will in turning this all around to benefit the Truth.

I wouldn't suggest you to communicate with the dead or so called nature spirits or the pagans deities. However I have done all of those things and did so even before i called myself a luciferian. And did so for most of my life. But the times i was feared by Christian on lookers? Those were always the times where I wasn't doing what they thought i was. But everyone no matter their belief or lack there of has this tendency.

Everyone thinks they understand one another they merely just disagree and believe that not only their freedom allows the disagreement but also it allows somehow that all humans even tho we all shit out of the same butt--its somehow believed that we should be able to have different spiritual truths.

This isnt true. It is true that we are each at different tints of the lesson we are learning. And it really is just one giant lesson with seemingly many facets of tints and textures. But this is because this world is all about the detail and delf which is founded by the Enemy. In essence it is in part knowledge of God. And we decided to partake in it and we suffer because we did so prematurely and against Gods wisdom. But--we must finish what we started.

God decided to meet us half way. So what im saying is within every dark day or every Autumn Day or Samhain Dead Day?? Sure it may be filled with sins and encouragement to sin into oblivion--and maybe some of us are passed that part of sin but others aren't passed other aspects of sin. We all still sin. Even in the most greatest of circumstances--sin exists.

But within that darkest day? Know that God has allowed it to be there facing you with a mean mugging expression for a reason. For the reason that whether that darkness is in part yours or anothers or the enemies--it must be seen and acknowledged. It doesn't have to be agreed with or liked or believed---but it must not be destroyed against its own will. Darkness is death. We cannot cause its destruction. It decides to align with its own current which is to decay & be transmuted.

This is a wisdom that still so many seem to not beat the very least including within their long speaches of revealing evil and how bad this or that is. All of that is fine--that isn't my gripe. My gripe is---it isn't your job to rid of it in the entire world. You transmute what you can within yourself and you share your story with others. You share your lessons as lessons.

How did God reveal his truth to you? In the very unfolding of that is how we should be unfolding what we learned to others. He didn't just bark the orders at us and expect us to obey and rid of ourselves of all sin regardless of the world around us.He spoke this way to very obvious troubled, sadistic, and stubborn darkness. Darkness that had no other drive but to be obviously evil.

Now Evil has many more masks. And it has fooled humanity in a way it hasnt before. This means something. This means in order to influence the world we must learn how to tread & swim within this current. Learn to mimic it and use it as God would in order to get his will done! God matches his opposition with every turn. He doesn't simply do the same moves. Or else this world wouldn't be spinning.

This are in my opinion the key lessons, thoughts and intentions of what this season and upcoming holiday should influence us into thinking of or focusing upon. Unless its good for you to sit this one out---dont! Become involved and learn how to express Gods will with the darkness and opposition you may not understand around you.But first you must learn to recognize it.

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment your thoughts!


Saint Seviin

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